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Speak, Write and Read Like a Pro in New Languages

Real-time, 1-to-1 Classes, personalized language education.

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Why Choose doerTalk?

Master new languages with doerTalk—where expert teachers guide you through interactive 1-to-1 live classes. We’re not just a platform; we’re your lifelong partner in meaningful learning.

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How it works?

Personalized Assessment

Start with a quick assessment to gauge your age, proficiency, and learning objectives.

Match with an Expert Teacher

Get paired with an expert teacher best suited for your age and skill level.

Choose Your Course

Opt for one of our specialized courses or curate your own learning path based on your needs.

Interactive Learning

Engage in 1-to-1 live classes, where you’ll talk, read, and write in your chosen language.

Anytime Access & Resources

Revisit recorded classes and utilize additional learning materials on the doerdoapp to enhance your learning experience.

Primary Grades

Learning Program for P1 to P6. From building stronger foundation in P1 to preparing stronger for P6, doerdo provides complete learning program. Click below grade to understand more.

doerdo Secondary 3 Student

Secondary Grades

Learning Program for Sec1 to Sec4. From Live classes to A.I. based assessment, experience ultimate learning platform for your secondary grade preparation. Click below grade to understand more.

What Makes doerTalk Unique?

Personalized Attention

Enjoy targeted learning through our 1-to-1 live sessions.

Always-On Resources

Recorded classes and other materials are always at your fingertips 

Adaptive Learning Paths

Get courses and lessons that adjust to your proficiency and age

Expert Guidance

Our teachers are not just qualified, but also aligned with your learning goals

Customizable Curriculum

From specialized courses to a self-designed learning path, you have control.

Realtime Support

We offer 24/7 real-time support for all your learning needs

Unlock Your Language Potential. Start Your Journey with doerTalk Today!

Ready to become fluent in a new language or reconnect with your mother tongue? At doerTalk, we offer personalized learning paths, 24/7 support, and interactive sessions with expert teachers

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